Hard-ass day

Emotionally and physically exhausted. Worked my ass off this week. Pissed off a lot of people. Have to face the wrath of most of them first thing tomorrow.

But I have to give props to Cruise Director. I’m certain he hates me more than ever right now, but he’s making things right — coming in from his vacation to cut a much-needed check for me in a time of absolute organizational financial distress. He’s leaving it on my desk for when I come in tomorrow.

I only went in for a teleconference today; lord only knows what’s on my desk. I know there are some vicious notes about Dumb Bitch and some resume paper. 🙂

Everyone can hear it in my voice that I am just through with the world. I work too hard for too many things. My goal is just to get the paper out — unfortunately, that encompasses entirely too many “other duties as assigned” that boil down to what my mom would call “licking dick” to get what I need.

Boy are my jaws tired!!!

On iTunes: Bon Jovi, “Two-Story Town”

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