Moving sale, everything must go!

Time for the Caterwauling hacineda to close up shop (and possibly move). Sitemeter stats scared the hell out of me today — unless I was reading my blog for 300 minutes from work today (which I was NOT), there are some folks who got an eyeful.

The thing is, I bust my ass. I really do. But I bitch. A lot. Which one wins out in a battle over whether I should keep or lose my job? I doubt anyone would understand that this outlet for my frustrations has probably saved THEIR lives! 🙂

Ironic (again) that this would happen on the eve of Journal Con. Sigh.

In brighter news, I received my kit of lubes and vibrators and catalogs today. Yay! No matter what happens to the job I already have, I have a little Plan B. Not enough money to survive here in the big city, by any means, but everything happens for a reason, and whatever happens, I will survive it. I always do.

In any event, I own a bunch of other domains and may be switching to one of those. If that happens, e-mail me and let me know that you want to know where I am!

On iTunes: Athenaeum, “What I Didn’t Know”

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