Is it Friday yet?

It sure doesn’t feel like it. 🙂

Got to meet the famous Dennis M. today. I swear, it was like meeting the pope. I look forward to having a real conversation with him later tonight. Shan was just so thrilled to introduce us. I can tell that it’s going to be a mile-a-minute think tank fiesta. 🙂 Good. It will be wonderful to talk business with a pro.

My stories are in bad shape, but everything else at the Veggie Patch Gazette is totally on track. Yippee. I promised Kumquat and Demure my drafts by day’s end, but that would be an embarrassment to us all. I am hoping they will be satisfied with all the other stuff I sent them for review. At any rate, I’m feeling good. I’ll pull things together … the “last minute” was invented for people like me!

The heat has been blowing on me since I arrived at 9:15 a.m. today. It’s better than the frostbite of the past week, but it’s like, come on people, does it have to always be an extreme?

I snuck out for awhile to have my 10th — I think — meal at Mickey D’s this week. I swear, my eating habits are perfectly wretched. Perhaps it will be time to revisit the Atkins Diet for February. That way, I won’t be allowed to even look at the Valentine’s Day candy in the aisles of the INS (oops, CVS). Not like anybody ever sends me anything on that hideous day anyway. Last year, I took my friends Dawn and Lynda out to dinner while my soon-to-be-ex was sitting on his ass at home, too cheap to do anything for me. We never saw each other again, not for his lack of trying to come back. Grrr. I’m not into ceremony, per se, but to be sitting at home on THAT NIGHT?!?! No flowers, nothin’? But he had told me to call him later that evening, so he could come over (and get laid, natch). Hah. That SO didn’t happen!!!

At any rate. …

Gosh, I have nothing else to say. Well, then, I’ll just get back to actually doing WORK!!!

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