Sweet Jesus

I am not a religious woman, but that’s all I can say.

We have this one division president who has been hounding Kumquat for months about wanting some paragraphs of slop to appear in my publication. She sent e-mails all over the planet about his suspected incompetence (which, arguably, has nothing to do with my publication!), and when they finally directed her messages to ME, I was confounded and said, well, her crap was already in the queue for this month’s edition, so tell her to sit tight and contact me in the future.

As a bonus, I decided to do an article on her division, as it is having a big anniversary and is also struggling to maintain its membership. Besides, it would stroke her ego nicely.

Well, today I realized that for the fact that I have one lame-ass interview for it and a shitload of unreturned phone calls from others, I was going to scrap it for this issue. So I sent her this brilliant e-mail, stating that of course her previous submissions will appear this month, and with next month being a special issue, her other article (that I have yet to write) will shine prominently among the important (gag) showcase that is coming.

So what does she do?

Immediate e-mail from her to me: Hold the other smaller articles till next issue. Run the other one immediately. Get back to me now.

Immediate e-mail from me to Kumquat and Demure: ::dawn banging head off keyboard:: Refresh me, she was the one who created a riot because the two articles she mentioned need to go in ASAP? ::end rant::

Immediate Dawn solution: God DAMN it, I’m going to Benny’s. Now!!!

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