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Prince Needed

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Well, thanks to being up half the night, I missed most of the royal wedding. For somebody who is under-employed, I sure am awfully busy at the least-convenient times!

I cried when I read via US Weekly’s iPad app that the last time Elton John was in Westminster Abbey, he was watching the young princes following behind their mother’s coffin. And how joyous it is to see them at the altar, celebrating a new beginning. How glorious it is to see them come full-circle.

Damn it. *sniffle*

I keep getting texts from CNBC — economic growth down! Inflation up! ExxonMobil beats earnings estimates! Consumer sentiment is up right now but you know it’s going to be revised downward on Monday like it always is!

*yawn* Same old shit. Different day.

And I ask the universe, where is my prince who asks me to quit my stupid little job so I can plan my wedding full-time? Lord knows I’d pick a better dress than Kate did.

And how on earth did she get away with doing her own hair/makeup when she supposedly had six hairdressers on site? She was cute, but not princess-like. I wanted her to show us some bling and sparkle and pizzaz.

In any case, I hope I can get out of the house well in advance of my 7:30 to 11 shift at my favorite local event so I can actually enjoy it.

I know Kate’s — er, Catherine’s — life as a princess-and-now-duchess is anything but easy. And I rebel against pomp and circumstance and rules and expectation like the best of them. But if I’m going to do something that, in the end, really doesn’t matter, I’d like to have access to a palace and haute couture. Is that really so much to hope for, for me?

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