Here I go again

Going swimming!

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I’m sure I’ve told you about one of those people in my life who’s a zit on top of a boil that sits atop a hemorrhoid. (And I’m sure you’re like, you’ve got a TON woman. Which one?)

Anyway, I was left alone for a couple of grand days. But I have about 40 emails (I kid you not) that are keeping me up right now. The coverage of the royal wedding starts in three hours — I’m horrified to say I will still be awake at 4 a.m. to see it! (And I have to be at my volunteer gig at 7:30 p.m. Whee!)

The thing is, the position itself isn’t a fit, long-term. It’s easy and I tend to not treat it as life-or-death. It’s the skill level that I bring to it that makes it a no-brainer for me. Which, it’s nice to have a few lay-ups to counterbalance the harder work.

This is vaguely reminiscent of my Graceland days, of how the stuff I was the only one prepared/skilled/savvy enough to do was what got criticized most by those who had no friggin’ clue.

Although, I don’t miss their vitriol-filled e-mails about what a horrible person I was and that was a fate only punishable by insults and death. This is WAY better in comparison, although I miss that lovely paycheck that came with the cutting words.

These days, the cutting words are baked inside over-the-top compliments about dumb shit. You did a GREAT job spelling things right! Super! Everybody applaud! Now if this project isn’t done by 8 a.m. tomorrow I want answers and you’d better have them. Don’t we work GREAT together?!?!

I start off each week with so much enthusiasm. Like, I can write my own TICKET here if I play nice. Yet by this point, I’m deflated. Like, OF COURSE I’m capable. But one of these times you’re going to make me so flippin’ mad that I’m going to change my phone number, my e-mail and my Skype. And my identity, for good measure.

So, I’m hiring an intern. 🙂 Any takers for free work? lol. I get to do what I love, which is lead, and I can blame somebody else for everything. It’s perfect!

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