I don’t like Mondays. Or any day that I have to deal with crazy people.


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I just realized that I get paid four times less for a hard job in comparison to the other (easier, better, and more pleasant) job where I get paid four times more! What gives?

It’s Wicked Witch of the West Coast time. Whee! She was threatening to fire me today. She may still. I dunno. Once again, I am smarter/more experienced/more-capable and -competent and, yet, I’m the one making the little bucks but getting the big headaches.

I was just thinking about adding another job to the failure pile when I read an e-mail that didn’t send me into convulsions. (Unlike all the others.) It’s from the Daily OM, and today’s message is fittingly called “The Upside of Irritation.” To wit:

“The more we try to eliminate annoyances, instead of learning to handle them gracefully, the further we get from developing the qualities that come with spiritual growth, such as patience, tolerance, and acceptance. It is often in the presence of people and experiences we find annoying that we have an opportunity to develop these qualities. Fortunately for most of us, our lives offer an abundance of opportunities to practice and cultivate these traits.”

The thing this person can’t figure out is the rest of us are signed up to work five hours a week (others are 10 or 20; I took on five). And yet, I am putting in 20 hours a week.

And it’s not even the pay that’s bothering me right now. It’s the fact that since she’s immersed in this 24/7 … and the rest of us put in different shifts to meet their needs as well as have REAL jobs on the side … she is yelling at us for not getting shit done. Which, we ARE. A surprising amount given that it’s mostly volunteer work and the fact that we all pull extra hours to coincide our schedules with each others’.

I don’t want to lose this gig. It’s not that it’s wonderful but it’s something that can be something special, someday. But I talked to my whole team today (hey, who knew I had a team — don’t I get more for leadership?), and she’s making everyone want to cut their wrists with a machete.

Once again I am thrust in the role of giving people comic relief and understanding where there may be little or none. Pity. Clearly this pattern needs to end.

I met some wonderful people while I was volunteering. Exchanged a few sets of business cards. I know a nice Cajun restaurant up in Jax that needs to broaden its South Florida audience. Now if my ass is gonna be on fire every damn day, it should be from eating spicy foods and not having some crazy person kicking it!

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