I’m a grown-up now, part deux

My mom’s friend’s son Michael is 14 now, and he attends the same schools I went to as a young lass. Surprisingly, he was talking to my eighth grade English teacher about me. Not sure what brought that on, but she swore she remembers me, and apparenly she went on and on about how creative and motivated I was, and of course what a brilliant writer I was destined to be 😉 — she said I was one of her best students, and she always wondered how I turned out. Apparently Michael was bragging about where I live and what I do for a living, and she said that, knowing me, I wouldn’t settle for anything less that what I wanted to do. Heh. That’s kind of interesting, as I haven’t seen her in close to 15 years, but it felt kind of good to be remembered so fondly. 🙂

I also received an amazing letter to the editor today, extolling my leadership and personality. Sent straight to the executive office, too, from one of my column editors. Wow! I didn’t expect that, but that made it even better. The man had absolutely no reason to do it either — he was just generally pleased at the rapport and professional courtesy that we have developed during the last couple of months. Honestly, I’m just doing my job — it’s not like I’ve ever gone out of my way to accommodate him or anyone else, for that matter. But it’s way cool that, not only do they respect the position, but they have come to respect me. I really must rock, ’cause people say so! lol

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