Even my plants are suicidal

Another day at the Veggie Patch. *sigh* And the following people give whole new meaning to, “It’s like talking to a fern.” …

Stupid Human Tricks #101

E-mail from a guy in our mailroom today (copied and pasted as-is):

“Sent we are closing at 3pm Friday, can everyone have there mail ready for pick up by 1pm and there will be no out going ups tomorrow.”

Stupid Human Tricks #102

In chatting with Programme Directeur the other day, he asked if he could get a *prescription* to my publication. Honey, everyone here is on SOME sort of prescription! Narrow it down a bit, will ya?

This is the same guy who told us he felt “vehiminently” about the work he does. Or, more memorably, after we received some funding (courtesy of moi), he asked us to join him in “commiserating the occasion.”

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