Drooling Fangirl

So I just spent $200 on two tickets to see Bon Jovi at the Nissan Pavilion on July 27. At this point, I’m taking Maddie, unless a better date comes along. 😉

Reality TV has been amusing, of late. Mom got me hooked on “Married by America,” which ended dismally, as expected. Billie Jeanne and Kevin tanked, which I figured because he wasn’t as in love as she; Jill and Kevin had the better chance of the two, but when Jill said her vows, she ended up saying “I don’t” because Kevin is cute and all, but he lacks a job and ambition and what not. Good for her. Good for all of them.

It’s just kind of a sad commentary on relationships — but one I can’t argue with — in the Billie Jeanne situation, when Kevin pointed out that she has enough love in her heart for both of them, but he just can’t guarantee that he’ll ever love her back as much as she loves him. *sigh* And she was willing to let him go on loving her halfheartedly, in hopes that someday, he’d come around.

But moving on to my uber-fave, American Idol, I was pleased to see both Kimberly and Carmen in the bottom three, but as much as Kim annoyed the shit out of me, she didn’t deserve to go. Not this week, anyway. Carmen’s voice was cracking and fading throughout her song. The girl trills beautifully, but the song didn’t call for that — it called for her to hit a fucking note and hold it. And what was up with her garbage-bag-green dress? It looked like something you rake leaves into. Gaah! At least that Kim has some great style. I know Kim will make it, no matter what, based on her appeal to drooling fanboys everywhere, but it is good to be rid of her. At any rate, American Idol can go on hiatus for a week, ’cause we all know Carmen’s next. And praise the lord that America got rid of that nitwit Ricky Smith (aka “Herk-a-leeezzz” boy) last week!

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