I’d rather have a button that extends the weekend. …

This image at least took some of the sting out of being humiliated both yesterday and today at work (today was more public — yesterday my ideas were quietly stolen although I did get some amount of thanks for my proactiveness). I figure they could write me up for insubordination, but how do you punish a staff member for volunteering to do MORE work?


Alternate buttons, courtesy of Shan

Eliminate Stupid Employees

Blow Boss’ Mind

Give Boss a Clue

Get Boss to Use Creative Ideas

Enhance Meds

Find Better Job

Restore Wasted Career

Help Me Jesus!

Alternate buttons, courtesy of moi

Fumigate Bathroom

Stop Nonsense

Beat CEO with Cluestick

Extinguish Compulsion to Injure Idiots

Get Me Off the Short Bus!

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