Cold medicine haze

This cold is whipping the shit out of me. I am actually coming home, watching TV till I get sleepy, and then going to bed. Of course, be it noted that I am leaving work at 8 p.m. because I’m in editorial hell.

I’m thinking of robbing a bank. Anyone care to join me? Either that, or I need to get a corner somewhere. This job is going to be the end of me — I keep asking my colleagues to put some padding on my walls so I can happily bounce off of them when my sanity finally snaps!

By the way, I got word from Ireland yesterday that only silly Americans dye their beer green. They don’t get it. They drink Guinness and all the dark ales that just don’t dye too easily. Of course, my new green drink of choice is the Appletini, so I don’t even have to mess with the food coloring anymore. Mmm, Appletini. …

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