I just might get myself fired over this

I told you in a previous entry that I e-mailed Frosty and Demure and outlined my need to wiggle out of supervisory training that’s being held over two days next week. I told you that I even proposed to them that I switch with someone from a training class being held at a later date. I also mentioned how Frosty told me to let Demure decide my fate, as this is a mandatory training and I must attend it on the dates that I am mandated to be there.

The e-mail awaiting my eyes this morning from Demure: “Please stop by my office to discuss the EAP training.”

She’s already furious with me for missing our supervisory session. Now she wants me to sit in her office and re-justify my job? Jesus Christ, do they want a newspaper or not?!?! I have no help; I have no one to take my place when I’m not at my desk. I have no one who can understand why it takes me working on the paper to actually get the thing out the door.

I am going to hide in my office as long as possible today. I do not want to be seen or heard from. I will be working like a madman, don’t you worry. But so help me if I cross Demure’s path and have to beg her to let me do my job. Because there may just not be a paper next month!

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