On a good note

(As if it were possible to have a good note during a workday!)

I heard from Deirdre from dance class. I’d dropped her a note the other day (48 hours after we’d met, just like all good little networkers know to do) to say hello and to make some idle chit-chat. She responded right away with enthusiasm, and she mentioned that if I’m truly interested in party planning, she has some really good connections at a D.C. charity that just wrapped up its annual gala and is ready to start planning the next one. She also gave me her home phone number. I blasted a note back, with my personal number, the next afternoon (didn’t want to seem too eager) to say that if it’s for freelance or a part-time gig, to count me in, because I want to ensure that someone is hired, trained and comfortable here before I make any sudden moves.

Haven’t heard back from her, but she’s going to New Orleans this weekend and will miss dance class on Monday. Bummer! But at least we’ll see each other again in our final class, as well as hopefully more times to come. Nothing big is going to happen to me unless I make it happen, and damn it, I’m trying! 😉

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