Hopefully it won’t also be the ‘after’ photo

From the Hallway, originally uploaded by dcwriterdawn.

The problem with living by a furniture store means that you will be LAST on their delivery route, not first. Which gives you a good five-hour window to wonder whether your brand-new purchase will not only fit through the (small) front door, but whether it will also engulf what you had thought was a decent-sized living room.

I didn’t realize the cats were at the bottom of the shot, so say hi to Maddie (left) and Kadie. They’re like, whoa dude, where’d all the boxes go? (Off to the right, in the dining room, actually!)

So, this is the “before” photo. And I’m hoping the “after” photo actually has furniture in it and that it won’t look like a tiny warehouse/showroom when all is said and done. Funny how I don’t get nervous about much, but this? Makes me batshit, wondering whether today will have a happy ending after all.

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