The return of Reader Poll Monday!



1. What is your all-time favorite song? You can only choose one.
*perusing iTunes* It would have to be a Bon Jovi song because, really, how could it not be? I’m going to go with “Wild is the Wind,” from their “New Jersey” album.

2. What is the cheapest price per gallon you recall ever paying for gas?
I remember it being below $2, although that was in a galaxy long ago and far away. I’m pretty sure it was around $1 or $1.15 in late 2001, when I started driving (at age 27. Shut up!). 🙂

3. How long do you think you could manage without any Internet access before totally losing your mind?
If it’s a workday, give it 10 minutes (just long enough to go to Starbucks and back) and I’ll be chewing off my own arm in frustration. On a weekend, I can unplug for a few days with only a passing curiosity what drama I might be missing.

4. If you could bring back one canceled TV series, which one would you choose?
I would want to see how “Reunion” turned out. But really, it’s that I miss seeing Mathew St. Patrick in high-def every week. Rowr.

5. Do you use Twitter?

6. Do you use MySpace?
I let all of five people see what I do there. Not so much.

7. Did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Saturday?
We celebrated on Friday at work, with a catered lunch from Baja Fresh, a party (which my team and I missed — we went and ate at our desks) and a mariachi band.

The mariachi band strolled the hallways afterward, and our friend Terri walked around with them, with her own sombrero and guitar. One of the musicians was at our party last year, and he asked her out. But when she said, “Are you Jewish?” and he said “What’s Jewish?” we knew it would never work out for them. *sniffle*

8. Have you ever had a mint julep?
Loved ’em — I hosted a fund-raising cotillion one year, and our theme was “An Enchanted Southern Garden.” It was when I decided I should have been a Southern belle and probably was in a past life. We even had the mint juleps in the “right” kind of glasses (my team of volunteers researched it).

9. Would you rather be in a hot dog eating contest or a pie eating contest (assuming you’d have to 5 lbs. of the food)?
Pie, preferably banana cream or sweet potato. If it’s something made with all that nasty fruity gel, I’d go with the hot dogs instead.

10. Ask me something.
When are you getting your new furniture?

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