Holy white out, Batman!

Ok, when I left the house this a.m, it was clear and bright. Just looked outside and saw my clean little Samantha shivering under a thin layer of white snowflakey crap. Argh! I need a car condom or a garage or something for her.

Something else about work that irritates me, #1205

There is covered parking that is reserved for the executives. That really pisses me off, considering that when I was an exec at the old job, I had to park three lots away, deeper in the heart of the ghetto, as I was at the tail end of a long waiting list to get preferred parking. And I was OK with that, because I think it’s pretty shitty that the people with the highest salaries also get such perks as prime parking spaces, while there are many others who are working just as hard (or, likely, harder) who only get bird shit on their cars and executive shit on their spirits.

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