Something else about work that irritates me, #1206

When employers ask you what to write in a job posting when they know you are planning to go after that job yourself. It’s their way of bending you over and fucking you with your panties on. They want you to know that they will never consider you, yet they need your help in posting the job vacancy because you’re the only idiot on the planet who knows how to do the job. But just because you already work for them and also know how to do the job doesn’t mean that, in their eyes, you are actually qualified to do that job. However, they certainly aren’t opposed to having you TEACH the person who ultimately gets the job how to do it.

Demure didn’t even know what the software does, that’s listed in the job description. That was somewhat amusing, as we only have them purchase it for us. Duh! She concluded with a, “Who only knows when I’ll manage to get back to this.” Of course, why would they go through the expense and aggravation of the hiring process when I’m doing the job for free?!?!

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