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Sweet girl

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I realize I never really gave any love to Kadie on the Web. So, O HAI, I do have another cat, for the 99% of you who never knew it. 🙂

Today was another fucked-up one. As I was getting out of the car this morning, a random bit of Maddie’s fur found its way onto my shirt. I realized it was hers and started sobbing. I know, shocker, right?

So the chain of unfortunate events followed that I popped my trunk, as I always do because I throw my laptop in there when I drive. But today, I had put the laptop in the backseat.

So it was about noon and I finally decided to go find my glasses in my car, which have been there for days and, since I iz an editor, I’ve needed them.

I walked to the car, saw that MY TRUNK WAS OPEN, and had a moment of OMGWTFGODDESS. Nothing seemed to be missing (it’s mostly clothes and takeout menus). I locked it up and grabbed my glasses.

Walked all the way back to work before realizing they were my SUNglasses.

Back to the car to do the glasses exchange. A five-minute journey had turned into 15 at this point.

Oh well. The sun felt good, even if the heat is downright scrotal right now in South Floriduh.

I don’t know what I did with Maddie’s fur. I was actually excited, as it was going to be my only real keepsake of when she was mine.

Everyone keeps saying it’ll get better. I don’t believe it for a second. But for Kadie’s sake, I’ve got to try.

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