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I was babysitting my fur-nephew all weekend. And I was all set to go home last night when I found out his mom couldn’t get to Florida until today. So I bought a new dress and enjoyed having one more night with my beloved boy. Life’s good!

The UEOEH had e-mailed me Friday, to say she wanted to see Lady L’s apartment. She also wanted to visit George one last time before they leave us for Maryland. (Sigh — the 10 months they’ve been here has saved me; I’m only happy because she’s moving up in the world … AGAIN.) And that I will be along for the road trip back to our old world!

Anyway, I said I was planning to walk G around 7 p.m. if she wanted to come along.

And she showed up promptly at 7, as I was starting to fall asleep after another exhausting workweek.

So I took the troops for a walk; we ate dinner outdoors at a chi-chi place on the A1A, and George sat on a big-boy chair all by himself. I fed him the bacon off our bacon-wrapped scallops, and he was so happy after a long day at the office with me. 🙂

So, the UEOEH was “more grateful than (I) will ever know” for the night out. And for the food. Probably mostly for the food.

Anyway, now that she finally knows where Lady L lives, it only makes sense for her to want to push her way in and come back, yes?

So she e-mailed me yesterday to say she wanted to make a pan of pasta, and drop it off so Lady L would have some food to come home to. Which is lovely. That’s the mother I remember. Always thinking of others.

Starving herself and blaming it on me, however, is the mother I know now. But since she suddenly had money (that I gave her for food), she wanted to make food for Lady L.

Not for ME, mind you.

So I e-mailed back, hey, look — that’s thoughtful and all. But this is my last night of living alone until you move out. (I left out the “when hell freezes over, apparently” part.) So, please let me have it.

I thought that was pretty tactful of me, considering that I felt strongly that she was pushing her way in and, let’s face it, ruining my calm.

I went to a movie. (Saw “Hereafter.” And LOVED it.) I got a migraine from the high volume of the speakers. It was old folks’ day at the theater — every retirement community in the county, it seemed, dropped off a busload of blue-hairs.

Anyway, G and I took a nice walk and went to bed early. I got to my e-mail today … only to get a very snippy reply from the UEOEH that I “can HAVE IT!!!” in regard to my freedom.

And this is why we will never get along.

I wrote back to call up her one friend in Pittsburgh — the one whose daughter just moved to D.C. a year ago — and stay for the holidays. They have an extra bedroom. She’s clearly miserable living with me. 🙂

And damn, I was actually feeling kind of bad after Friday — after seeing how sad and broken down the woman is. How much she really needs therapy and health care and good, old-fashioned TLC.

But then the claws come out. And I figure, if she has enough fight in her to challenge the asshole paying the bills, well then she can make a fucking phone call to cancel her car insurance or to drive to the DMV and get her license so she can get healthcare locally.

Oh, George. Give me one reason why I should stay in Florida and not stay with you and your mom when we drive to Baltimore next month. …

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