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The president isn’t the only one with idiots for advisers. That is all I’m going to say about that. (Fuckin’ Snooki!)

George and I are watching “Grey’s Anatomy.” I’m fairly certain my fur-nephew is one of my soulmates. He’s pretty much the love of my life, at this point.

Apparently the idiot maintenance dude flooded my apartment while putting in the new hot water tank. I always say that place is one safety violation from falling into the Intracoastal. Apparently parts fell out of the wall that we didn’t even know existed.

I got some weird news today. (No, not that my bouquet of bribery flowers arrived safely to my cousin. Which they did. I hope she wonders how she can ever thank me. By taking the UEOEH for the holidays would be a nice start!)

My sixth-grade history teacher died a few years ago. He was awesome. Loved that man. I had had his wife for a class somewhere else along the line. Didn’t love her as much. Can’t remember what she even taught, for that matter. Apparently she was found in her basement, dead, having hanged herself in her grief. How friggin’ sad.

I can’t imagine killing myself over losing the love of my life. Hell, one of my boys just told me today that clearly I hate foreplay — I must be a “wham-bam thank you ma’am” type. I couldn’t really argue. A girl gets bored while a boy tries to Google-Map her G-spot!

This is probably the last chance I will have to babysit George. So I’m trying not to be sad. We’re curled up on the floor while Aunt Goddess drinks her hard cider and avoids work.

Change is afoot here in so-called paradise; George is moving back to Maryland soon. And it pisses me off that my beloved fur-friend is going away, yet my Ultra Extra Over Extended Houseguest is like a burr nestled up my ass for the foreseeable (and even the unforeseeable) future. NOT FAIR. Waaah.

If the rope or the ceiling beam wouldn’t break under the weight of my pudgy pork-roast ass, I’d hang my damn self too! Not because I’m lonely, but because I haven’t gotten the chance to be!

2 Responses to Waah

  1. Mel :

    maybe cuz I’m one of my moods but I can almost compare her to a worm inside your body. Know what I mean?

  2. Darryl :

    Wow. Whatever happened to knowing how to find a woman’s G-Spot quickly without the help of a huge corporation?