Scenes from the streetcorner

Five days and four nights away from home = bliss.

Being home again = meh.

I left all my crap at Lady L’s. I meant to keep George at the office with me till lunchtime, then go clean really fast and then let him greet her.

But I was out walking him near the office circa lunchtime. I actually was near the Den of Iniquity with a steaming bag of dog poop, debating about what to do with said bag of poop plus some unresolved venom toward its majority owner and also the president of that joke of a lifetime. (Two different idiots, whom I differentiate by drug of choice.)

Anyway, I decided not to set it on fire and drop it off, since neither one actually shows up unless it’s to terrorize, belittle and otherwise offend the senses (in the olfactory sense) of the good employees. Besides, I like the restaurants downstairs and really don’t want the building to be (rightfully) condemned because of the physical AND mental health hazards upstairs.

So, I stopped to give a snowbird directions, and Lady L happened to pull up on the corner where we stood. George was so happy! I lifted him up to the window to see his momma, and he jumped for absolute joy. She picked up some sammiches and we ate in my office with our little furbag.

Today, I also had a guest in from Philly and another from Baltimore. Which meant there was Amarone and carbohydrates in it for me. And it was just a lovely day all around.

So being home sucks ass. Mostly because I just want to jump the fuck out of my skin and go to bed. But it’s good to be with my kitty again. I’ve missed her. I was going to let her keep the UEOEH company if she ever moved out. But that’s no fair to Kadie. She’s mine and I adore her. I just wish I still felt the same about her Grandma.

I do see a couple of pans of pasta in the fridge. Tiny pans — I didn’t give her THAT much money. But how fucked-up that she makes food and doesn’t eat a single bite of it. Freak.

Oh well. Gonna go play with my kitty. (Get yer mind outta the gutter.) I left my favorite vibrator in my suitcase, anyway, so Kadie’s the only cat in town tonight. Lucky her!

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