For the birds

When I left work yesterday around 6:40 p.m., I passed no fewer than 10 police cars. Having been pulled over one block from here, I was glad that my car’s stickers and taxes are up-to-date. But I wasn’t pulled over. In fact, other than a cop on foot looking in my window at an intersection, none of them batted an eye at me.

Turns out that an escaped prisoner had invaded my area. Shan notified me when I got home that, through the special connections her fiancee has, he learned that the convict was in one of two apartment/condo complex buildings in our area — either hers or G3’s. I was dumbstruck that the cops had narrowed it down to two buildings where I actually knew people. I was just hoping that nobody would get hurt (even though G3 would be one less prick to disappoint women with!).

In the end, the guy was found in a tree on my street last night. Heh. It’s comical, that he escaped prison and got chased up a tree like a scared little pussy. But now, the entertainment is over, and alas, I guess I must actually start doing some work! (But why?) LOL

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