Temper tantrum

I just essentially threw Demure out of my office. I swear, she sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher, and I wanted to kill her at that moment.

It was the second time I had lost my patience with her. And this time, it wasn’t really her fault, but she came to me with a command from King Kumquat that annoyed me. I had assigned one of my editors to do a brief story on something that Kumquat had wanted to see covered, only for him to today insist that I must be the one to cover not only that story, but about four accompanying stories. Damn him. Deadline is next week, for Christ’s sake. I farmed out the story because I have enough to do, but it’s back with a vengeance. Fuck it.

I realized that I have officially succumbed to the utter laziness of my workplace with that. Honestly, I never back down from more work, because hey, what else do I have to do? But I was just pissed that my functional, effective solution was thrown out the window and back onto my plate.

Mouth Almighty and I are on the outs. She keeps trying to talk to me (just saying hello, nothing major) and I keep pretending I didn’t even see or hear her. It just escalated in the hallway a few minutes ago, when we almost ran into each other. She said “Hello Dawn” very poinedly, and I just put on a tight-lipped smile and kept going. She said again, “HELL-O DAWN” and I snapped back, “How are you?” in a tone that showed that I did not want a response. She kept walking her way, and I kept walking mine.

She and Shan have had similar interactions. Bitch needs to stay the fuck out of our way, because she will be run over and she will be destroyed.

Town Crier is no better. She has been monitoring conversations between Shan and Deb and reporting every last detail back to Mouth Almighty. It’s so comical, that our lives concern the two of them so damn much. Just goes to show that they obviously don’t have enough work to do.

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