Fact or fiction? You decide.

Tiff brought this “A Flight Risk” blog to my attention yesterday. It’s supposedly a true tale of a young woman who has fled from her oppressive family and is writing from undisclosed locations about her childhood.

Tiff and I think it reads too much like a novel for it to possibly be true. It’s a good story, don’t get us wrong, but it seems more like it was written by a verbose screenwriter than a girl named “Isabella” who is finding her freedom and giving us up-to-the-minute details of her time on the run. I figure, if she’s so technically inclined, wouldn’t someone in her family know how to rev up the Internet and find her, especially with the buzz this blog is creating? At any rate, our problem with it is that people from all over the world are really caring and praying for this girl, and all we can say is that they will be really pissed if/when they find out that they’ve been falling for yet another Internet hoax so that some asshole can write a book about the emotions s/he manipulated in his or her readers.

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