I think I need a quick gym visit today. SM and I are on for tomorrow, but I’m hoping to acquire enough energy to drag my lazy ass to Bally’s for an hour after work. Or maybe I’ll catch up on work instead. I don’t know. What I DO know is that all this physical activity is making me horny as hell, and being surrounded by heaving, glistening bodies isn’t doing anything to reduce this overwhelming sex drive. SM says she’s feeling the same way … glad to know it isn’t just me! Gawd, I could ride a tree stump at this point, I’m so desperate to mount something. 🙂

But when I’m not at the gym, this ridiculous combination of depression and boredom and listlessness is really kicking my ass. I’d love nothing better than to go to sleep for a week, or at least until payday, when I can wake up, pay a couple more bills, and return to bed for awhile.

My whole theory is that it sucks to be poor, but it sucks even worse when it’s summer and the days are long and languid and beautiful, making you just want to run from the house. I realize that even though my income is pitiful at best right now, my whole family survived on the very same amount of money and lived fairly well. Granted, we weren’t the richest family on the block (by no means), but we did okay. It’s just kinda sad how at one time, four people could live on my earnings, and today, not even one person can make ends come close to meeting.

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