Had a really good interview on Friday, and two good ones today, for a story on a family where the dad “came out” when the kids were young (they’re close to my age now). I’ve spent the whole day on the story, with lots more work to go, unfortunately. But the dad is just a special guy, and I’m so glad he and his kids have a phenomenal relationship … talking with really cool people truly is one of the few perks to working at this job (other than having an awesome boss! lol).

I would kill to have a dad like the one I interviewed, instead of the (unfortunately) hetero deadbeat I left back in Pittsburgh. Not sure how or why I’ve become the eternal fag hag … perhaps I might as well just join the crowd and go gay myself? My guy from Philly used to tell me that I really didn’t spray myself with “heterosexual male repellent” (available only at Nordstrom! lol), although some days, I beg to differ. 😀 God knows there was a chick checking me out big time when SM and I were leaving the mall on Saturday. Problem was, I’ve dated men more fem than her. I figure, if I’m gonna go for a chick, she’s gotta be of the lipstick variety.

Oh, gawd, why has my mind even GONE here? Too many warm, fuzzy gay stories today. Damn it, off to the gym to look at sweaty men with the intelligence quotients of burnt toast! Woo hoo!!!

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