Doldrums again

After spending yesterday and most of today being really happy, I wrote out my renter’s insurance, student loan and car payments for the month. I put aside the old electric bill and cable bill from Pittsburgh for yet another paycheck, and I am hoping I have enough for the phone/cable/internet/electric that is coming due, which I highly doubt but I am attempting to retain some optimism. And don’t forget cat food, which luckily is cheap but really, every penny counts. Fuel for the car is in need too, along with gym dues, cell phone and funds for the two Visas and one Mastercard, all of which I’d die without, but here’s to hoping I can wait till next payday (on the 22nd) to take care of those (hello exorbitant late fees and more increases in APRs). Forget human food, though. Damn, car insurance payments are going to start again in September, too — where the hell am I going to get that money?!?! I never dreamed I’d be in this horrible of a financial situation — what did I do to myself? I wish I were dead.

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