Emotional hangover


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“You swore that you were bound for glory
And for wanting you, I had no shame
But I loved you, and then I lost you
And I will never be the same.”

— Melissa Etheridge, “I Will Never Be the Same”

I’ve been singing that damn song for days. Apparently Memory Lane spans across state lines.

I wonder if, in fact, that if you wish for something long and hard enough, it actually comes true.

I was probably more certain then than I am now. But I’ve left skid marks going around this block as many times as I have, and there’s a certain level of “What’s left to lose other than time and a whole lot more?”

And yet, I still get shy. Like, the 1% doubt that I’m hallucinating is a pretty powerful percentage when it comes right down to it.

But all I can really say is this. I have re-lived a moment in my head a good thousand or so times over the years. And that moment came right back around again.

This time, I owned it. I didn’t then. I did now.

And damn it all anyway, if I can have a moment on command, I’m going to start wishing bigger.

I can’t wait to see what comes of it when I do!

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