I was going to type that the inmates are running the asylum today, but:

A) I’m no longer in prison.
B) Come to think of it, I’ve been promoted to warden!

I was brave last night and had dinner at the “bad” end of town, as I like to call it. I figured there was no chance of running into anyone I didn’t want to see. Which, luckily, I didn’t. *whew*

But it reminded me of the last time I went to said restaurant. It was a particularly long day, and an even-longer night was ahead.

Someone had made a very odd comment to me in the midst of it all. That wasn’t unusual. And even the comment itself, while mind-boggling in and of itself, was pretty normal (given the source). I believe the term “backhanded” comes into play here.

So I decided to go grab some food from said restaurant. How do I put this cryptically — perhaps I can say that the comment was totally negated during the walk. Yeah, I’ll leave it at that. I wasn’t surprised in the least, but I was used to things taking a little longer than half an hour to unravel.

It was the last time I ate at that place, and the memory nearly tainted my yummy french fries last night.

A thought occurred to me at some point, about how we choose to spend our time. How we feel obligated to stay in one place for whatever the reason — we need to give it more time. We need to be patient and understanding. We “owe” somebody something.

Need, need, need.

Damn it, the only thing we NEED to do is to exercise free will.

Thank God I did.

Thank God, indeed.

‘Cause nobody owes us SHIT, and that’s exactly what they’ll give us for as long as we let them.

Shit has an expiration date, kids. Don’t keep it any longer than you need to.

And that’s my public service message for today.

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