Dueling pussies

The new kitty arrived tonight. I think Maddie is going to smother me vengefully in my sleep. 🙂

Watching Maddie and Chloe hissing and growling at each other is more entertaining than my 500 cable channels. I should’ve saved the $130 and waited a few more weeks to get hooked up to Comcast! 🙂

Chloe is hiding under the computer desk, and Maddie has retired to her famed kitty sofa, where she is glaring darts at the both of us. Something tells me this is gonna be a LONG night for all three of us!

Update: Maddie decided to use Chloe’s litterbox and try to eat her food. No sooner did I pull Maddie out of Chloe’s food dish than I found Chloe darting her nose into Maddie’s. Chloe has been very smart and has attached herself to my side. Maddie’s just sulking from 10 feet away at all times. I feel bad for Maddie — I am certain Chloe will adjust just fine, but Miss Madeline won’t even let me talk to or even pet her. *sigh*

I put Chloe’s new leather/rhinestone collar on her. It’s the smallest collar I could find, and I have it fastened on the tightest hole, and it’s still too big for her. 🙂 She’s a whopping two pounds, and she’s not even the least bit afraid of her 18-pound big sister.

Must remember to separate the little terrors when I leave the house tomorrow, or the fur will be a-flyin’!!!

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