Executive Summary

1. Got up early and went to Shawn’s so we could wash and wax our cars before the sun got too scorching. Our vehicles are GORGEOUS!!!

2. Came home to empty the shitterboxes, only to laugh my ass off watching Chloe fall into the toilet.

3. Just cleaned up Chloe’s vomit from the couch, as she was not eating her dry food today and I thought she might enjoy some wet kitten food. (She didn’t.)

4. Remind me again why we need mosquitoes? I have 14 bites from my outdoor adventure this morning. *itch*

5. Spent money I didn’t have at Tar-zhay on stuff I needed for the house and for the kitties. Got a great deal on the 9 Lives wet food for Maddie, as I am putting her on a “CAtkins” diet. Now to start thinking about putting ME back on Atkins! 🙂

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