I’m a grown-up now, huh?

I was chatting with a gal from Two Strikes last night when one of my other cohorts there, Programme Directeur, jumped onto the phone to say hello. Think what I may have about some of his actions and thought process, though, I’ve never doubted that he comes at you from his heart, regardless of where his head might be situated. 🙂 At any rate, he said that he used to read my publication when he was in college — his professors subscribed to it — and he said, “You’re the editor of that! Wow!” He followed that up with a, “You really did what you wanted to do alll along, didn’t you?” He said it proudly.

I kind of smiled because, yeah, I completely backed into my current career path, but beyond all the tribulations I encounter, I suppose it feels kind of good that someone who knows who I am and knows what I do and want to do has indicated that I have done well for myself. I don’t think the folks at Two Strikes ever doubted my talent or ambition, but it’s nice that I didn’t fall on my ass after leaving what was really (on paper) a great job. What my last job really was, I suppose, was an opportunity of a lifetime, and I got out of it what it was worth. And I guess I can say the same of my current situation — it’s an opportunity I am glad to have, but I’m sure it will be even more wonderful when it’s over, too. 🙂 At any rate, Programme Directeur will surely tell Her Royal Pretentiousness how wonderfully (he thinks) I’m doing now, and that’s probably the best feeling of all, that they know I rock. 🙂

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