Sitting idly (‘Idolly’?) by

Ooh, the Big Three — Clay, Ruben and Kimberely — are together onstage as contestants for the last time tonight.

I agree with Simon — let’s vote off Ryan Seacrest in favor of keeping the stars together one more week. 🙂

Justin Guarini is singing “Unchained Melody.” Didn’t Clay just sing that last night? Clay sang the shit out of it, and Justin sounds like a whiny flea in comparison. Lucky for him that he’s no longer competing!

Tamyra Gray looks like a mixed-race Tori Spelling. But she blew me away with her performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” How did she not win last year’s competition?

Fascinating how pop tarts like Britney and Christina and Destiny’s Child make it to the top of the charts, yet when it’s America deciding with text messages who should be our heroes, take a good look at the Top 3 — different colors, shapes, sizes and images.

Oooh, we’re about to find out who stays. …


How many breaks can a show take? Sheesh, I know the advertising money is damn good, but shouldn’t the show have more than 50 percent of its time taken up by the actual program?!?!

*More Diet Vanilla Coke commercials*

*bursts into tears at Kimberley montage*

I love them all. I might have thrown a dozen votes Clay’s way, but I’ve fallen in love with these characters — they have been my dates every Tuesday and Wednesday night for the past eight weeks. Fare thee well, Kimberley. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around somewhere soon!

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