CD Review

I just received the “American Idol, Season 2: All-Time Classic American Love Songs” CD. It was released today, but thanks to the wonderful world of the pre-order, I had it in my mailbox this morning (and I’m just as surprised as anyone that Mailroom Dipshit didn’t lose it or ship it to Oklahoma, which he did with a CD my mom sent here for me — which I got six months later).

Anyway, you can just tell who has star quality and who got lucky to be involved. Granted, the CD producers obviously picked everyone’s strongest songs (like “Three Times a Lady” for Josh Gracin and “How Do I Live” for Carmen Rasmusen), but my boys Clay Aiken (“On the Wings of Love”) and Ruben Studdard (“Superstar”) brought chills to my flesh with their haunting and powerful voices. And I will always love Julia Demato’s rendition of “At Last,” and it’s a shame she couldn’t get any farther in the competition than she did. And you can just hear the potential in Kimberley Locke’s voice with “Over the Rainbow,” so you can only be happy when you look back and be glad the American public ensured that she had an opportunity to grow and flourish in the limelight.

At any rate, while the CD is definitely worth a listen, I fear it’s not worth more than five rounds in the CD player. I am in love with the show far more than I am in love with any of the songbirds’ voices. My suggestion to the producers at Fox and American Idol Music is to just tape all of Simon Cowell’s comments and release them on a CD. I’d pay twice as much and get five times the use out of that!!!

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