While I may have an administration here at the Veggie Patch who say they want, but don’t really want, my input, I’ve had a strange influx of requests from the editors on the Veggie Patch Gazette who are suddenly and truly seeking guidance on the shit columns they submit. To the point of asking me repeatedly for feedback.

This astounds me — I was under the impression that, because they are bigwigs in the Veggie Patch, my job is just to make them sound as coherent as I can, given what I have to work with.

The problem is, though, how do I tell them to quit submitting crap to me and passing it off as brilliant literature? I mean, these columns are SO BAD that even, for as good an editor as I am, I don’t know where I can possibly begin to tell them where they went wrong, when the only thing in the story that makes any sense is the byline. 🙂

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