Pussy Demure (IKEA Boy’s boss) just deflated my bubble. I had offered yesterday to attend webpage-building classes because the CT website sucks ass, and I showed her the cool things Lab Rat and I did with the Two Strikes site that wasn’t launched. She seemed lost and quasi-impressed (it was forced, but I know she doesn’t understand how very cool it really was), and I made my argument that Dipshit in MIS is too busy jacking off all day to respond to our requests in a timely manner. Further, when he does respond, the result is completely half-assed, and if I could build an attractive site, our Web-savvy members would benefit from it and it would take little time to update, once the thing was set up.

Well, she talked to the Executive Director (who looks like Jackie Chan), who did his usual faggy eye flutter (probably) and shot the idea down. She said he’ll need some more convincing, there’s some chaos right now, yadda yadda bullshit. All I wanted to do was make a positive contribution to this job and maybe, just maybe, earn a couple of extra bucks. (I went home for lunch today and saw some new bills that I know will not be paid in the near future. Argh.) For some bizarre reason, I lost my marbles for a moment after Pussy Demure left my office. This association’s avoidance of mining the talent that lays at their feet, yet keeping the sacred cows sacred, continually astounds me. I volunteered, for cripes’ sake, to do the website. I am told that CT is the No. 1 member benefit with this association … would it kill them to invest a bit in the flagship publication’s webpage?

My feeling is that Pussy Demure probably mentioned it in passing and minimized the importance of it. I know that Jackie Chan is very much interested in making the site snazzy because it’s his project. She has done nothing but annoy me since Day One, and she probably can’t see the bigger picture that I tried to paint, of having all of CT’s activities operated, well, out of CT and by the two people (IKEA Boy and myself) who care about it most.

Oh well. No bother. I’ll live. Exhale. Let it go. She said Jackie Chan would need some convincing, but I’m not going to beg them to let me do more work, uncompensated. If I do eventually attend web-development classes, damn it, I’m doing it for myself so that I can profit from it eventually. Hah.

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