Executive Summary

In the last three days I have:

1. Done Nothing

lol … seriously, here it goes. I have:

1. Worked

2. Had Insomnia

3. Heard from my old boss, F/OM

4. Heard from Lori, Emily and Melissa

5. Missed my grandmother (her birthday would be today)

6. Acquired a migraine

7. Arrived at work without wearing makeup

8. Acquired knots in my stomach

9. Began planning to write a book

10. Heard from Leslie and Chris

11. Wished I could be with Leslie and Chris

12. Missed my mom

13. Wanted to kill my shitty kitty Maddie

14. Wiped out three curbs with the car

15. Not had contact with a hetero male

16. Not had contact with a battery-operated device

17. Not gone to the gym

18. Blogged for Maddie and myself

19. Cried

20. Consumed way too much coffee.

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