Blessings bigger than the bullshit

You know what’s worse than my usual 40-minute commute? It taking 40 minutes to travel seven miles because the roads are flooded and the highway’s a parking lot.

Despite the wondrous start to today, I achieved a huge victory. Got the Daily Albatross Project done at 4:45 p.m. I usually don’t push the live button on that hot mess till around 8 p.m.

Yesterday morning, one of my neighbors said, “See you in 14 hours!” during our a.m. elevator ride. He’s right you know. 12-ish hours at the office and 1-ish hours on each end of it to commute, and no one ever sees me. I hadn’t realized anyone noticed.

Got home during the 7 p.m. hour tonight. Another neighbor said, “I never see you at this hour!”

Got home late last night. What I hate is that the asshole who parks facing me is always coming home at the same time … him from the bar, me from the office. And he may not be an asshole, but he’s inebriated and happy and I’m not.

Read a great article today. Well, I can’t remember the last time I read a great article, but it qualifies when I find a piece of myself in it.

“I never felt plagued and I never longed for balance. What I was doing just felt right, and I knew this level of focus and absorption was temporary.” — Inside the Stiletto Network

I long for balance. And this made it dawn on me that you really don’t need balance when you’re overjoyed with one or more areas of your life. When you’re instead ENDURING one or more areas (or all), you need balance … even if it’s like I have, moving from one glorious adventure to the next.

Oh well. Better than being in Oklahoma City, right? Albatross Project got out on time, shitty car/tires/brakes didn’t give way and the engine didn’t flood during the rain, and I’m busy working toward dreams (even if they aren’t mine, since I don’t have any right now). The blessings are bigger than the bullshit. And if that isn’t a prayer, to ensure that this state continues, then I don’t know what is.

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