Didn’t sleep. Cat kept me up all night, just howling. No idea why. And I think I’m starting to get sick. At least, my head feels like it’s full of cotton, wrapped around a lead weight. So, ask me how much I’m looking forward to getting through this day!

I find myself fluctuating every day between “Holy shit, do I rock” and “Holy shit, other people are doing better work AND in less time.”

And after I had that epiphany yesterday about, when you have balance, nothing feels like a chore … well, I started itemizing my passions during the long morning commute.

(Seriously, the less time I have with my thoughts, the better. This is getting to be a dangerous habit.)

I’ve always said I wanted to write a book. Well, I’ve written bunches of them. My new goal is to publish a book I’ve written. And not one of the ones I already have. Those were just to keep me out of trouble or occupied.

But what about?

My passion really revolves around office dynamics. Well, the interpersonal dynamics of colleagues, anyway. From supervisory approaches to teambuilding to accountability to leveraging friendships into making the workdays something special. Work is not to be dreaded or tolerated. Job-hopping is not the answer. Of course, neither is staying in the wrong environment.

Anyway, I dig this stuff. And that’s why I have often dug my grave via this blog. Because I’m not the only one who notices this stuff … I just feel like I have a passion for well-taken-care-of people being happier, healthier and more-productive overall.

My fear is that, other than my sarcasm, I don’t have a unique take on it. And that’s why I’ve never sat down to outline it. I have a working title that would work with a sarcastic tone. But I don’t love it. And therefore I’ve never started writing it.

I guess I’m ready to start growing again. My latest load of tasks have given me a broader knowledge base, but I was already at the top of my game before I took them on. I need to break past that glass ceiling instead of just getting wider, kind of like my ass is from parking it at a desk chair and then in a car seat all day.

I guess no time like the present to start an outline …

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