I have absolutely nothing to say today. Does that ever happen to you? That you’ve got a million and a half thought fragments polluting your brain, but you just can’t string them together to present a clear paragraph? Or maybe a blog isn’t the right forum for it, but if you can’t share it here, then where can you share it? And if you can’t say whatever you’re feeling, then is the feeling even worth having?

In any event, I am avoiding my one co-worker who is running around with a birthday card for Demure!TM and wants me to sign it. My birthday was three days before hers, and what did they do for me? I’m certainly no gift whore, but come on — my special (milestone, even) day went by unnoticed (which, by the way, I am perfectly OK with — it means I don’t have to acknowledge anyone else’s). The beauty of your birthday coming first is that you have the option of giving what you get. Which, in this case, is zilch. Shan said to just suck it up and sign just my name, but I’m not even interested in that. I already had to suffer through hearing (at our weekly meeting) what she did on her birthday — isn’t that enough?

Word for today: creative visualization.

Thought for today: “Go to hell.” “Too late!” (Shan and I commenting about work.)

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