Work and the Veggie Patch — words that normally NEVER appear together!

One of my favorite colleagues was in need of some help stuffing envelopes this afternoon, so I crawled out of my hole and helped out for a coupla hours.

I have never seen anybody work so hard at this place. Really. The half-dozen people (including Town Crier, whom you know I can’t stand) really put forth a great team effort, and we cranked out more than 1,600 envelopes (filled with letters, ballots and return envelopes). Makes me realize that these really aren’t inherently evil people — just those of whom nothing is really expected, so they produce nothing. Or maybe that is just my perception, as I have a measurable product and outcome each month, whereas not too many other people do.

Nah. We still have our lazy, worthless shits. 🙂 But I did get to see how hard our finance people work, and even though I always knew they were ball-busters, it was neat to interact with them — to be working shoulder-to-shoulder with the handful of other hard workers in the building.

My problem is that my brain-mouth filter collapsed. I made about a zillion comments to myself (and way too many out loud) about how I’ve never seen some of these people with a fire lit under them. And of course, I figure Mailroom Dipshit won’t even get all the envelopes in the mail tonight, after we busted our asses to have everything done by 4:30 p.m. (his usual leaving time). This is the same asshole who took a package my mom sent to me here at headquarters and shipped it out to Oklahoma to a gal with a similar-sounding name. We’ll be lucky if this time-sensitive mailing doesn’t end up in Taiwan.

Actually, that’s another problem I’ve had with him. I do a lot of airmail to Japan and other Far East locales. And I put a note to that effect that my mail needs a lot of fucking postage because it’s traversing the ocean. Nine times out of 10, the package gets returned to me stamped “insufficient postage.” We did come up today with an envelope to Taiwan that he had stamed 37 cents. I laughed heartily. Again, you bust your ass, only for you to wonder if the final guardians of your product will do their jobs effectively. Seems to me we might have just addressed the envelopes to outer space. 🙂

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