Bitch strikes back

Remember that asshole who ruined my day yesterday? I responded to him, and I’m sure Dipshit will send it ’round the planet to show what a bitch I am:

Mr. (Asshat),

It is not typically my practice to respond to letters to the editor, because at that point, I’ve already had my say and my readers are entitled to theirs.

You do bring up some very good points, a number of which I did not convey in the article. But I admit, I wasn’t really keen on reading beyond the first paragraph. The best way to get an editor to consider your points and subsequently publish your letter is to not assault the editor. I will look past the fact that my name wasn’t spelled correctly, but I read as far as “ostensibly written by you” and “BI-line” and stopped reading. I revisited the letter today only because I really did want to read what you had to say, but most editors would not have revisited a letter that started off in such a way.

I thank you for your input and will consider it during any follow-up articles, and you are more than welcome to write to (The Veggie Patch Gazette) at any time. But as we are in fact colleagues, I would appreciate being addressed as one in the future.




Asshat did make some good points, after it took me a fucking hour to EDIT the goddamned letter. He pointed out that I didn’t clarify something, which is true, but what he’s got to understand is that, while he’s the practicing professional in our field, I am the practicing journalist who hates his misspellings and grammatical flubs as much as he hates the fact that I referred to “credentialing” as “licensure.” So we’re even. Nyah. Fucker.

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