Bastard comes back

This shit is never going to end. Misspellings maintained from Asshat’s e-mail:

Ms (Goddess Dawn, spelled correctly this time),

As a colleague I would think that you would avoid the pitfalls of a defensive response to a well intentioned attempt on my part to simply point out some serious defeciences in your article. The fact that there was a typo in your name seems trivial but I  appologize for pressing the wrong key. I think you are saying that I should be thankful that you took the time to read my comments given my criticism of your article. Well thank you. Now let me inform you that given your unprofessional response to my comments, my wife and I and our many colleagues who were anticipating an informed response from you will be sure to drop our subscriptins to (Veggie Patch Gazette) and (The Veggie Patch) as a serious read.

I took it to my supervisor. She understands why I did it — I hate being bullied by assholes. Hopefully I will not get into further trouble. I wrote back to the fucker to tell him I meant no harm and that a professional and I would be in touch with him to discuss the professional concerns he raised.

Is it Friday yet? LOL

Update 2

When asshat responded, he only included two sentences of my e-mail. So when I forwarded the mess to my boss, I had to also re-send her what I originally wrote. Demure didn’t flip — she realized I handled it the best way I could manage, and she told me to simply turn it over to someone else to deal with the professional inquiry that was buried among the hate mail. So now I can have a good weekend without this eating away at me.

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