Bitch is (Really) Back

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So, I have a question for the universe: What the FUCK qualifies people to be in the roles they are in?

I never said it was an EASY question. 🙂

I am had it up to my hoo-hah with know-nothing “know-it-alls.” It’s one thing when I’m collecting a nice paycheck; I can at least afford enough wine to wash down the bitterness. But shit, when you’re doing volunteer work, it makes you wonder how people get to (and STAY) at the top.

Yeah, I’m going after your job. Yes, YOU. If you’re so afraid of it, let’s have some fun with this. Rather, it’s time for ME to start having fun.

It’s funny. I was on the phone with an old colleague yesterday and I was delicately expressing my dislike for something he had done. He said, “Goddess, you would bust the balls of an elephant if it got in your way. Just spit it out, whatever you want to say.”

It made me laugh, how someone remembered my bluntness and inability to conceal what was on my mind/in my heart. My “yes, ma’am” attitude has been what is holding me back. I’ve needed the paycheck too much to jeopardize it with that crazy little thing called THE TRUTH, although we all see how THAT worked out.

For right this second, I’m just going to scream and type some non-passive-aggressive responses to some uber-passive-aggressive e-mails.

Damn it. Why does every female in this field have to be such a cunty, raging BITCH?!?!

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