Hello FAILboat!

Technology FAIL day. Also known as: Failure Pile in a Sadness Bowl.

*gnawing at restraints*

The thing about being self (or pseudo) employed is that there’s no end to it. You work in the morning. You work at night. You work during the day. And you do it all in hopes that it will pay off.

How, you have no idea. But you do it anyway.

I actually had fun today. But I’m exhausted. Doing those “talking promos” is a bitch. Wow. I just hope that my voice tests well. Hell, I just hope it holds up for the next five audio/video pieces in the marketing funnel.

Tonight I was supposed to join a wonderful friend at an exclusive club opening in town. But it was either a case of throwing myself together and sneaking out for a couple of hours, then staying up all night, or simply taking an hour to myself now and, well, staying up all night. 🙂

It’s fun. Not complaining at all. A “bad” day at home certainly beats a bad day at the office!

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