Bachelorette party!

Subtitle: Dicks and drag queens

I’ll hopefully have some pix up on Monday of the ever-fabulous party to celebrate Bryan’s last night out as a bachelorette last night. Shawn, Bryan and I started out at the D.C. Eagle for cocktails so that Bryan wouldn’t realize that we were waiting for other guests to convene at the restaurant where we were headed. He was surprised and thrilled that we were NOT in fact treating him to dinner from the dollar menu at McDonald’s, but, rather, to an elegant experience at Marrakesh, surrounded by friends.

I’ve never been to Marrakesh, but I loved it. Lots of plate-sharing of fine Moroccan foods, curling up on comfy couches and running to the back hallway to smoke because we couldn’t light up at the tables. We met some new people and hung out with old friends, and it was like we’ve all known each other for years. Life has been stressing the fuck out of all of us for the past few months, but it was truly a time for celebrating friendships, our respective abilities to survive all the crazy shit life has been throwing at us lately and, most importantly, the good things in the present and the lovely future that lies at our feet.

In any event, I haven’t laughed like I did last night in a long time. My favorite moment of the evening came when Shawn and I snuck off to the smoking hallway, and we were giggling and gossiping and jumping up and down, shrieking at some infinitesimal-yet-oh-so-huge news I shared. Really, the news I shared (and I ain’t telling it here — sorry, kids!) was quite monumental when it happened, yet sharing it with Shawn — who for all intents in purposes is my brother … my family — made for just as special a moment as the one that prompted the discussion about it in the first place.

After the three-hour dinner, complete with belly-dancing (not by us, natch!), we headed on over to Zigfelds/Secrets for a drag show and naked dancing boys. Of course, the porn was the real highlight of the experience.

All in all, the best $150 night out I’ve ever had! 😉

And tomorrow — Shawn’s graduation with his master’s degree in journalism! Now let’s all hope I will be awake and in the car at 6 a.m. as scheduled!!!

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