E-mail has been down at work all day — pretty fuckin’ rotten when you’re waiting for interviews and articles to arrive, especially when tomorrow is deadline day and I haven’t even started my stories!

I’ll have some photos to post soon. The photos from Marrakesh didn’t turn out too well, and they require much Photoshopping. Bah.

I need my bed. Now. It’s another horrendous newspaper cycle — this is now the third month in a row when I won’t be able to catch up on blogreading and e-mails. Weep for me.

Queen of the Underworld called me today. She won’t be able to produce a column this month. I am fine with it because I hate reading her incoherent drivel, but you know, how hard is it to write a column every month? It’s not like deadlines are a surprise. Asshat.

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