At long last, peace

OK, so I am broker than broke, but I paid rent today. And Mom gave me the money to pay my car insurance this month, so I won’t have my policy suspended again for another late payment. Hurrah! It’s amazing how well I can breathe when my major worries are taken care of. The problem is, they’re done for the month and will creep up again in way too short a time.

I’m trying so hard to keep that fresh feeling about the New Year being a clean slate and a time for new beginnings. Angie and I decided, though, that maybe we should just look at Chinese New Year as our new year later this month — it’s too hard right now to be peaceful and positive and all goal-setting and shit when we’re all stressed out from being poor and tired from holidays that were anything but. I swear, most of us need a vacation to recuperate from this recent holiday season!

In any event, I am not starting any resolutions till Chinese New Year. Really, I think that’s a brilliant idea on our parts — the problem with resolutions in general is that you make them, fully intending to start/stop doing something on a day (Jan. 1) that is simply a continuation of the previous day (Dec. 31), not a brand new day, in and of itself. I mean, how do you quit smoking on Jan. 1, when you were puffing like a fiend at 11:57 p.m. on New Year’s Eve? And it’s pointless to say, “I’m going to eat more healthily or I’m going to consume less alcohol or I’m going to act my age” when you’ve got a plateful of Sweet Lebanon bologna (nods to Shawn) and a fridgeful of leftover cookies/snacks (looks in mirror) and a lampshade on your head (*looks innocent*) when the ball hits Times Square and champagne glasses start clinking.

As for me, be it resolved that I will quit smoking when I turn 30. But because I shall remain 29 for at least the next five years, I’ve got PLENTY of time to stop! *wink*

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