Playing dress-up

Yep, we’re back to dressing up for work. As usual, it was like stuffing ten pounds of ass into a five-pound bag of pantyhose. *sigh* It should be illegal to wear anything other than sweatpants during December and January.

I just got the funniest letter to the editor. This asshole apparently sent a letter in last month, criticizing an article that was not mine (whew!), and I didn’t run it (space reasons, friends). Well, he sends a new letter demanding that I explain the exact criterion for choosing letters (because I ran a letter praising the same article he hated). He made a snarky remark that clearly I don’t print critical letters. Hah! Did he miss the three pages of letters to the editor in the latest issue that slammed me for writing a profile of a sex offender? Are people HIGH when they decide to e-mail me?!?!

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